The goal of Ayurveda is to maintain good health in the healthy, and relieve the abnormal states of health in the imbalanced individual.  The Ayurvedic philosophy is simple, efficient, and direct in addressing the root cause of disease or imbalance of the mind-body-spirit through individually-tailored treatments.

Everything that lives comes from Mother Nature and as such, we inherit the energies of her elements: Wind, Earth, Fire, Water and Space.  The unique combination of these elemental energies within each of us influence our physiological and emotional nature.  When these energies are in balance, we easily experience clarity, joy, health, forgiveness, focus, and happiness while the imbalances of the elements lead to low energy, ADHD, unstable emotions, depression, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain/loss, indigestion, resentment, disease, and many other symptoms of an imbalanced body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda states that TRUE HEALTH is more than "an absence of disease”.  TRUE HEALTH is a result of balancing the physiological systems, emotional states, and mental thoughts so one can experience optimal wellness and fulfillment in this life.

Life is about feeling good, by bringing our mind and body into harmony with its true nature, and enhancing our natural strengths which allows one to be truly well.   

The most important thing to understand about Ayurveda is one’s constitution, also known as Prakruti/Dosha.  Our dosha is the natural elemental nature you were born with and when in balance, supports all your physiological and mental faculties.  Imbalances can occur when we have an excess or a decrease of a particular energy or energies in our body.  This leads to an ill health also known as one’s Vrikruti.  For example, if we have too much “wind energy,” also known as Vata, our mind and body will take on some of the same qualities as wind, such as dryness, excess movement, instability, and coldness and some symptoms of this will manifest as constipation, eczema, scattered mind, restlessness, etc.  Knowing what your natural state should be helps determine what qualities in foods and sensory input we will include in your treatments.

A FASCINATING FACT: Our constitution or dosha is formed in utero while in our mother’s womb!  Based on her diet, emotional, mental and physical environments, as well as other factors, our personalities and physical and behavioral characteristics are determined.  Through this understanding, one can gain many insights as to one’s strengths and weakness, as well as how one can realign to enhance our positive aspects inherit within.

By respecting the uniqueness of each individual Mind-Body-Spirit Constitution, Ayurvedic guidelines are not “one size fits all" but rather, they offer a custom-tailored dietary and lifestyle plan of action for each individual’s optimal wellness.  It is a fascinating and proven system of achieving optimal health and wellness.