We are evolving.  Hooray!

The Universe is continuously stretching, growing,  expanding…

We are one with this universe and therefore we are also stretching, growing and expanding...

But, we are given the will and the choice to become an active participant in this process.

Everything is energy, as stated by Albert Einstein and the ancient Vedic texts suggests that through the purification of our inner field (our mind, body, spirit - chakras) we can accelerate the ascension of our souls.


We are witnessing people all around the world waking up to the truth that we are so much more than a human mind and body..

We are a soul temporarily here on earth doing “research” to evolve even further.

Isn’t this exciting?  And, how can we support the education of our soul?

According to the Vedic wisdom, we have to understand that we are a vibratory field which is programmable. Read that again. We are a vibratory field which is programable.

Since we are made up of mostly water molecules and water is the most receptive of all the elements on earth, we can charge ourselves with the right energy for optimal frequencies.

This is why Einstein was right on point when he stated that “energy is everything” and

this is why Ayurveda teaches that the quality of our food is immensely important.

Food is a direct way to influence our vibe.

The energy of our diet become our bones, muscles, tissues, organs, our emotions too etc.  In essence, this energy becomes the container for the water molecules and it is made up of them too!  

The energy of our diet becomes a major part of the energy that we become, radiate and express.

Ayurveda describes 3 main “gunas” or energies for the food we eat:

Sattvic - Foods that bring joy, peace and harmony to our energy. i.e. (purity)

Rajasic - Foods that stimulate our energy. (passion, activity, process of change)

Tamasic - Foods that decrease our energy.  (darkness, inertia, slow)

The ancients suggested other powerful ways to program our vibration:

  1. Chanting mantras

  2. Meditation

  3. Practicing breathing exercises

  4. Yoga

  5. Self care rituals

  6. Spiritual devotion

  7. Embracing quietude to think and reflect and process the disappointments of the past.

One could say that some of these practices could help de-program our energy because they help us clear, cleanse or detox from the toxins we allow into our bodies.

The more we align with good harmonious energy, the more we can feel the “universal life force” (a.k.a. chi, kundalini) energy flowing well, within us. This supports the thousands of energy centers that make us and it allows for a more radiant vibe to become awakened ~our 8th chakra (enhancing the auric vibratory field.)

Of course it is not easy to give up our current programing and old habits, but that is why we are given choices and will power.  

It is up to us to decide the pace of our spiritual progress.

Can you begin to feel a deep sense of love for you human and know that you deserve to feel healthy, happy and to live a harmonious life? Yes.  yes. Yes. You do.

I believe in you, your guides and guardian angels believe in you The ENTIRE UNIVERSE BELIEVES IN YOU, IT IS YOU.

Happy Spring!!!