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The Many Health Benefits of Ghee and How to Prepare it

In this class we will be learning the many benefits of cooking with ghee (clarified butter) as well as, other important aspects such as:

  • Who should eat ghee
  • How much ghee is good for your constitution
  • Who shouldn't eat ghee
  • How it supports digestion, energy, and weight loss (and how it is used by Paleo dieters)
  • How it can amplify the use of other supplements
  • If it is safe for babies, toddlers and pets
  • Why ghee is considered a "Satvic" (pure) food 

We will learn the preparation and proper storing of ghee and some ghee recipes will be provided.

This class will be held on Wednesday, February 11th at 6 pm. 

203 Glendora St Suite B Long Beach CA 90803 

Class fee is $15