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Instructional Ayurveda Self Care 101

If you are on the path to a healthier lifestyle, this Ayurveda Self Care 101 instructional class is a great way to support your intention!  Your body is a miraculous and elegant machinery that is always working for you, even when you sleep- it's main purpose is to restore your balance.   

In this workshop you will learn the "Top 10 Ayurveda Self Care Rituals for Optimal Body Care" and why they work!  You will be shown how to properly give yourself an Ayurveda massage, how to properly do oil pulling, how to use the "neti pot" for nasal cleansing etc.  

Ayurveda, is the world’s most ancient and well documented holistic science in the world.  It offers practical and medically proven methods on how to care for your body in a way that will not only keep your Mind Body and Spirit balanced and strong, but also support the aging process in a most delicate and graceful way.

This is a great opportunity to nurture your Mind Body and Spirit.  In addition to feeling great,  all the areas of your life will benefit by the balance you will achieve.

Please join us on Tuesday July  9th from 6:45 pm - 8 pm.  

Class fee is $20 

Delicious Organic tea will be provided.