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Re-connecting to Divine Mother Earth & Feminine Energy

Join me and many beautiful women in our community as we disconnect from our busy lives and realign with Mother Earth and our Divine Feminine selves. 

This is one of my favorite topics and it gives me great joy to share and explore the energy of mother earth through the lenses of the spirit. We will take a journey within through a guided meditation as we connect to the presence of Gaia within. You will feel the energy of all the elements within your body and learn how they influence your moods. Ayurveda philosphy teaches that we all have the same qualities of nature within.

We will also explore our divine femininty and realign to the flow, movement and graceful rhtyms of our own divine inner selves.

This class is about sisterhood, mother love, nature and openness. If you would like to create more of this beautiful energy in your lives, it would be my honor to have you with us as we will be honoring our women energy with much love and compassion.

Class participation $33

Something delicious and healthy will be served to snack on plus my new love tea.