7 Summer Chakra Meditations
6:30 PM18:30

7 Summer Chakra Meditations

Unlike our intensive chakra series, these gentle chakra attunement workshops are designed to tune up our subtle energy bodies without digging deeply into our karma.  They are softly nourishing to the senses while still enhancing and strengthening to our minds and bodies.

Chakra Specific Breath Work

Gentle Chakra Specific Yoga 

Chakra Aromatherapy

Guided Meditation 

$40 per class (or all 7 for $210)


7 consecutive Tuesdays. 

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Serene Summer Meditations
to Aug 26

Serene Summer Meditations

These gentle stress relieving guided meditations are deeply relaxing and nourishing to the mind, body and soul.

Please join us, we are a compassionate and loving bunch.  

Donation Based everyone is welcomed.    Last Serene Summer Meditation is on Aug 26th. 


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