Initial Ayurvedic Consultation                                                                                                                    
Join me in person or via Skype and tell me all about your body’s history and present symptoms.  I will ask you a detailed series of questions that provide me with the necessary information to understand your current state of being.  The consultation includes a traditional Ayurvedic physical exam using ancient, but very efficient techniques to determine your constitution (dominant element) and any imbalances that need to be addressed.  It is all about YOU and typically lasts 1.5 - 2 hours.

This analysis unfolds biological-physiological and emotional patterns in which Ayurveda provides answers as to the root causes affecting your mind and body.  I then teach you how to listen to your body and understand what it is trying to tell you and how we will nurture you back to wellness.  We will discuss your first steps and start you on your path by putting together a custom set of guidelines for you to follow that are best suited for your lifestyle.  You will be provided with much support to make sure you stay on track.

People highly appreciate the customized attention that is given during these consultations, as it is highly important that I listen carefully to your words in order for me to provide you with the best recommendations.  

The Initial Ayurveda Consultation is $150 which  includes two 15 min follow up calls to answer your questions and support the new healthy guidelines.