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authentic Ayurveda Spring detox 2018

According to Ayurveda, the Spring and the Autumn Seasons are optimal for mind body detoxification. Hooray it is time again!

Mother Earth is always on point to guide us into a more harmonious existence and as such, this season invites us to relinquish our winter coat.

With the proper guidance of Practicing Ayurveda Doctors, here we have designed a Holistic Mind Body Detox Program that will focus on powerful principles of purification and customized nourishment for each individual that targets ones specific needs (we follow the bioenergy of your own constitution aka dosha) allowing for deep levels of clearing, cleansing, healing and rejuvenation to take place.

We will embrace the rhythms of Mother Earth this Spring letting go of the energy of the past emotionally and physically and use this resurrecting season to propel us into a fresher more dynamic version of ourselves. In the Spring, our bodies are actually readily available to release!

This experience will be held at Mother Earth Ayurveda in Long Beach, 5170 e Colorado St Long Beach CA, 90814.  There is plenty of free parking and we are in front of the Colorado Lagoon for our nature meditations.


The Prep Work Self Love and Self Care (12 days)- Begins April 2


This consists of a detox preparation phase for your Mind and Body, a proper detox does not bring more imbalances to the individual, but rather-supports the individual in releasing negative energy (toxins and toxic emotions) from the body with ease.

We will have two weeks of emotional detoxing healing combined with nourishing self-care rituals (ancient Ayurveda self care treatments), guided meditation to work through negative emotional charges left behind from the past or current experiences.

This form of energetic detoxing has been found to be more beneficial than the physical detox in terms of bringing LIGHT TO DARKNESS, as it opens our heart to the inner healer/ our divine life force energy.

We will be meeting on April 22 and April 29 (3 hours each day) for energy cleansing workshops consisting of specific chakra meditations, inner child healing work if needed, aroma essential oil therapy specific to YOUR nature and other beautiful ways of clearing the energy in the body. We will journal together as well and move a lot of energy.  

We may meet at the beach one of these days.

During these initial two weeks, we will be preparing the body to release impurities in the body with Ayurveda teas and dietary guidelines, Yoga and breathing exercises that prepare us for the actual cleanse. (This is of high value to follow for optimal and safe releasing of detoxing.)

You will be given special assignments outside of the group time that will encourage you and make this a most memorable transforming journey for you and those who engage with you.


Authentic Ayurveda Detoxing (21 days)


After 12 days of Self Love and Self Care and detox prepping work, we will be ready to proceed with our lighter and happier minds and bodies into the physical detox phase.

This will be easier now.

This part will be consisting of Ayurveda detox food (kitchari) detox teas, group mantra sound bathing meditation and additional authentic Ayurveda detox self care rituals for the mind and the body.

We will have a private Facebook "Support-Page" to check in with each other, and to encourage you along the way.

Authentic Organic teas are included for the duration of the cleanse as well as, free Saturday meditations (optional.)

During this time, you also receive 35% off of my other services if you need extra support.

Participants are responsible for vegetables, ghee, basmati rice, mung beans for the detox and a devotion to self love to make this a reality.

We will be meeting on:

April 22, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

April 29, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

May 6, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

May 13,  9:30 am - 12:30 pm

May 20, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Our last meeting is on May 20, we will have a celebration ceremony- LOVE SOUP too.


Post Detox


At this time, you will feel rejuvenated, healthier, more blissful, lighter yet stronger. You will be supported with additional healthy living recipes to maintain your new vibrant state of being as well as, receive proper guidance on what foods are best suited for your specific digestion (dosha) type.

6 group meetings 3 each hours with breaks.


Program Cost is $700  

My intention is to hold space for you and provide ancient wisdom and loving tools for the purpose of your highest and healthy vibration.

This is a compassionate healing experience that nurtures and heals us while expanding our consciousness.

email me if you have any questions at m.carmensima@gmail.com or connect via a call at 562 441 3014.

To your health,

Carmen Sima 

 it is time to let it go... namaste 

it is time to let it go... namaste