We are evolving.  Hooray!

The Universe is continuously stretching, growing,  expanding…

We are one with this universe and therefore we are also stretching, growing and expanding...

But, we are given the will and the choice to become an active participant in this process.

Everything is energy, as stated by Albert Einstein and the ancient Vedic texts suggests that through the purification of our inner field (our mind, body, spirit - chakras) we can accelerate the ascension of our souls.


We are witnessing people all around the world waking up to the truth that we are so much more than a human mind and body..

We are a soul temporarily here on earth doing “research” to evolve even further.

Isn’t this exciting?  And, how can we support the education of our soul?

According to the Vedic wisdom, we have to understand that we are a vibratory field which is programmable. Read that again. We are a vibratory field which is programable.

Since we are made up of mostly water molecules and water is the most receptive of all the elements on earth, we can charge ourselves with the right energy for optimal frequencies.

This is why Einstein was right on point when he stated that “energy is everything” and

this is why Ayurveda teaches that the quality of our food is immensely important.

Food is a direct way to influence our vibe.

The energy of our diet become our bones, muscles, tissues, organs, our emotions too etc.  In essence, this energy becomes the container for the water molecules and it is made up of them too!  

The energy of our diet becomes a major part of the energy that we become, radiate and express.

Ayurveda describes 3 main “gunas” or energies for the food we eat:

Sattvic - Foods that bring joy, peace and harmony to our energy. i.e. (purity)

Rajasic - Foods that stimulate our energy. (passion, activity, process of change)

Tamasic - Foods that decrease our energy.  (darkness, inertia, slow)

The ancients suggested other powerful ways to program our vibration:

  1. Chanting mantras

  2. Meditation

  3. Practicing breathing exercises

  4. Yoga

  5. Self care rituals

  6. Spiritual devotion

  7. Embracing quietude to think and reflect and process the disappointments of the past.

One could say that some of these practices could help de-program our energy because they help us clear, cleanse or detox from the toxins we allow into our bodies.

The more we align with good harmonious energy, the more we can feel the “universal life force” (a.k.a. chi, kundalini) energy flowing well, within us. This supports the thousands of energy centers that make us and it allows for a more radiant vibe to become awakened ~our 8th chakra (enhancing the auric vibratory field.)

Of course it is not easy to give up our current programing and old habits, but that is why we are given choices and will power.  

It is up to us to decide the pace of our spiritual progress.

Can you begin to feel a deep sense of love for you human and know that you deserve to feel healthy, happy and to live a harmonious life? Yes.  yes. Yes. You do.

I believe in you, your guides and guardian angels believe in you The ENTIRE UNIVERSE BELIEVES IN YOU, IT IS YOU.

Happy Spring!!!





Healing is our responsibility but, where do we begin?  


It’s a beautiful time to be on this divine planet with so many of us becoming aware of our sacred duty to heal ourselves and awaken but...where do we begin this journey?

Do we begin in the mind,

the body,

the spirit?

Let us explore this.. 

If we focus on healing the mind through self help books, seeking therapy, attending motivational seminars, watching inspiring people on YouTube etc, we can create a great amount of forward momentum and see positive results.  But, when life gets crazy, and we feel stressed, we often fall back on our default patterns, becoming triggered, reactive, negligent, and even negative. We may think we have learned something intellectually, but when under pressure our brain synapses will often navigate through familiar pathways because we have not crystalised the new information.  We often forget the fundamental teachings of the knowledge we acquire which is the process of the APPLICATION.

And what if we begin our healing journey with our bodies.. ?

What if we committed to great self care and established healthy lifestyle habits, such as a balanced diet and consistent exercise?   When in this rhythm, we feel fantastic! We’ve all experienced these delightful endorphins. But, then why is it so hard to STAY committed? “Research suggests that half of the people starting an exercise routine program drop out within the first 6 months!” (Kravitz, L. (2010) What Motivates People to Exercise.) And, although it is estimated that $27 billion are spent on yoga gear annually..why aren’t our yoga studios sold out with people practicing balasana (child pose)? Why do so many of us fall off of our wellness wagons when things get stressful?  On the flipside, too much of a good thing isn't balanced either. Being too focused on only physical health can leave unattended emotional wounds in the shadows.  “Not all things that glitter are gold.”

And let’s talk about healing through spirituality.... Ehemm, my favorite.  What if we began the healing process through meditations, spiritual retreats, countless workshops, and journeying within?  What if we were in constant dialogue with spirit, becoming beautifully devoted to all things of the light? What if we spent our energy seeking self actualization and liberation?  Now that’s a delicious place to exist right?

Well yes, until we realize the bills are due and we are way up in the cosmos, ungrounded in this current reality and unable to engage with 3 dimensional beings...

As our soul expands and we become aware of our source, we bask in the lightness of our heart song and our spiritual enlightenment but, it can become easy to neglect the mind and body when our upper chakras (energy centers) are too open. As we become more available to the divine current, we acquire “super vibratory awareness,” and becoming one with all becomes very real as we can actually feel everything .…!

AAAA UUUU CHHH deep breaths.  

We may then find ourselves isolating, high on light, yet uncentered and often with little prosperity. We may spend our energetic resources clearing ourselves of our karma, receiving downloads, analyzing our teachers/lessons, and often diving in deeper into the higher realms like a river merging with the sea because the love vibes are delicious and it’s safe there. But, upon our return into our bodies, we are back to square one.  Oh my Goddess... Where do we begin?

What I have finally come to understand through trial and error and researching the ancient teachings, is that we have to simultaneously address all three aspects of ourselves lovingly and compassionately.  To become healed and whole, we must continuously nurture our mind, body and spirit accepting that obstacles are inevitable and that everyone has them.  We must realize that they are lessons that we are to overcome as part of our human experience.  Rather than, resisting and avoiding them, we must protect ourselves with the right knowledge (which provides mental strength) and good clean sustenance (which provides body strength) in order to face the teachers/teachings with greater resources and clarity.

With this higher perspective and energy, we can remind ourselves to have calm awareness as we grow and seek proper action to heal the body and embody the spiritual light.  

Although they are considered separate, the mind body and spirit influence one another, and collectively act as one consciousness.  This consciousness makes up our energetic print, and influence our decisions as well as, the direction we take in life. What we do to nurture one affects the other and vice versa.

So where do we begin?

According to the ancient Vedic texts, energy moves most effectively when we begin by addressing the mind.

We must DECIDE and INTEND to be well.   

We must maintain a POSITIVE outlook while seeking the knowledge (light), that will help us move out of our own ignorance (darkness).  Spiritual devotion without knowledge is incomplete. It is the knowledge that anchors us and helps us remain focused when things become stressful. It is the knowledge also that grants us patience and reverance as we embody the essence of the teachings into our lives.

Once we decide to move undesired energy or change certain behaviors, thoughts and patterns, the Infinite Intelligence (The Universe, God, The Lord, Our Creator) becomes aware of our intentions. In return, all levels of our consciousness are supported by this higher force and it shifts towards aligning us with the new desired reality.  The Universal energies shift.  But, this requires consistent focused effort, faith, trust and time. It takes TIME.  Healing begins in the mind and is sustained with patience, faith, trust and time.

Don't just take my word for it, it is written in the ancient Vedic texts.

The four step process of healing according to the Vedas:

  1. Think about the situation or obstacle, self reflect: Manana

  2. Have the right intentions, make positive resolutions: Sankalpa

  3. Remove doubts and discard false ideas, stories or perceptions:Vikalpa

  4. Become conscious of the Divine Self, you are connected and part of the Infinite Intelligence; you must remember your sacred origins: Atma Chintana

From this perspective and mental order, we can support our healthy lifestyle routines which can heal, ground, and strengthen the body.  In turn, we can approach our spiritual practice from a much more rooted place, rather than use it as a source of escapism from our human life.  

By intending to be well first from the mind, we become receptive to new information (knowledge and wisdom). The mind convinces the ego that it is safe to move forward and take action.  We then see an alliance between the mind and body. This reduces the amount of resistance we often experience when seeking change.

But… what if our mind is too scattered to think and self reflect?  And, what if our body is ill and keeps us from our moving forward?


What if our resistance is too great?

I know it can seem overwhelming when everything seems to go against us, I get these questions all the time, and although it may not be the easy answer, we must understand that the universe is trying to get our attention. We must immediately see these difficulties as alerts from our source to take control of our minds.  The longer we wait to take action and redirect our focus towards finding solutions, the harder the lessons become as well as, the resistance we experience and perhaps even the illness.

We must accept that our hardships grant us opportunities to seek connection with our source and that we agreed to the lessons that come with these teachings.
We must understand that, OUR SOUL IS FAR MORE POWERFUL and FAR GREATER than our obstacles.

We must accept this right away because this perspective will facilitate the healing journey, (taking us out of the victim mind and into solution oriented mind). We must begin by changing the way we see ourselves, our thoughts and our relationship to our problems. We must change our attitude if we are to make shifts, all of which begin in the mind.

From this clearer point of view we can then seek the medicine of mother earth through fresh food, healing herbs, and by communing with her.  The healing power of the sacred earth grounds the body and stabilizes our senses.  It centers us, relaxes us and opens our channels to the greater universal mind. A much calmer foundation from which we can explore the spiritual realms.

Although the challenges we encounter may not always be our fault, we must accept that we agreed to to them  as part of our earth teachings and that our healing is a sacred obligation that bestows upon us the enlightenment of our soul.

So where do we begin to heal?  According to the vedic teachings, we must begin in the mind as we nourish our bodies and seek spiritual unfoldment.

At the end of the day, we will continue to do what we feel has worked best for us.  But, we must take note from the ancients and always continue to seek the knowledge, it is the light that transcends the darkness and the pillar that strengthens us as we continue to expand. The extent of our spiritual evolution is in direct proportion to the stability of our minds and bodies.  All three areas are well worth nurturing and reveling in!  Because our life depends on it!

Simple Effective Ways to Begin the Healing Process:

  1. Mind: Fully intend to be well.  Practice having a calm awareness.

  2. Body: Drink 6 cups of warm water throughout the day for good digestion and calm nerves.

  3. Spirit: Sit somewhere beautiful in silence undistracted for 20 mins. Become aware of your place in the Universe.

Can you begin to believe in the value of your mind to heal your body and spirit?  Everyday grants us a fresh new start to begin.

A sacred self prayer.. 

"Peace in my mind,
Peace in my body,
Peace in my heart,
Peace all around my soul..
I love myself,
I love everyone,
Everyone loves me."

Thank you for being part of my earth journey.  I believe in you.

Carmen Sima

Spring Tips For Good Energy and Health

Ayurveda provides simple, yet specific guidelines that support our wellness and overall energy.  The better we feel, the better we can move forward in the direction of our goals with positivity in our minds and hearts.

In the spring, the atmosphere is moist and warm, which signals to the brain that it is safe to reduce the digestive flame which is strongest in the winter.

This reduction of the digestive fuel can weaken the immune system as we adjust to the seasonal changes.  

By tuning into our mind and body, we can better care for ourselves and remain balanced as the seasonal energy continues to shift. What are the signs your body is sending you? 


Common signs the body needs help this season:

  • headaches

  • fogginess

  • sniffle-y noses

  • stuffy heads

  • allergies

  • post nasal drip

  • phlegm

  • congestion

  • respiratory imbalances

  • coughs, colds

  • ungrounded energy

  • digestive disturbances

  • sluggishness, mental heaviness 

  • allergies 


Why do we feel more of these symptoms in the spring?

Ayurveda states that like increases like. On Earth we are blessed with the 5 elements; EARTH, WATER, FIRE, SPACE and WIND. The qualities of the spring are associated with WATER and EARTH.

These WATER and EARTH elements are extra active during the spring months, and energetically they are:

  • Thick       

  • Heavy  

  • Slow

  • Cool

  • Soft

  • Cloudy

  • Oily

  • Static

  • Dense


If we understand that springtime naturally causes excess in some areas, we can pacify and harmonize these imbalances by increasing opposite energies.

To be in the flow with mother nature this season we must open our channels in order to cleanse and release any excess heaviness that may have accumulated in the winter.

In order to rebalance this energy, we must follow the sacred laws of nature and incorporate the opposite energies via diet and other sensory inputs.


Spring Tips for Optimal Energy, Fat Burning Metabolism, Digestion and Flow:

  • Eat less and eat smaller portions to give your digestion a break

  • Avoid ice cold drinks because they weaken the digestive “fire”

  • Reduce or eliminate; heavy, oily, greasy deep fried foods

  • Reduce or eliminate dairy, which increases sluggishness

  • Drink hot water throughout the day, which will help open your channels and support detoxification and digestion

  • Consider a detox (the spring is an optimal season to reset the fat burning metabolism for increased energy)

  • Honey is a favorable sweetener for the spring (added to warm tea is fine but never to steaming hot tea, which will make it unfavorable to the blood cells)

  • Eat lighter and consider vegan and vegetarian diets (meats are easier to digest in the winter)

  • For increased energy, eat 3 nourishing meals with no snacks--this will help you feel lighter as we increase the “air” element

  • Incorporate leafy greens, which have a scrubbing effect, creating more "space" and less dullness in the colon

  • Favor: astringent, bitter, and pungent foods, which have a cleansing effect (i.e. cauliflower, broccoli, chillies, kale) and support this reharmonization of the body

  • Reduce or eliminate: sweet, sour and salty foods, which increase heaviness, swelling, sluggish digestion and respiratory imbalances

  • This is a fantastic time to incorporate spices in your meals such as cumin, turmeric, garlic, mustard seeds, cinnamon, ginger, fenugreek, practically most spices because they are warming and enhance digestion (fia! - increase the fire element)

  • Exercise is of incredible value all year long, but it is of immense importance in the spring when sluggishness is common. Exercise helps move lymph fluid, which can only travel with movement.  This supports the white blood cells that protect us from pathogenic invaders!  Aerobic exercise is optimal.    


Mother Nature is always on task to care for us by blooming foods that are naturally intelligent to our needs.  

When grocery shopping this season…remember to:

Favor: Light, spicy, bitter, pungent, astringent, and warming foods.

Avoid: Sweet, sour, salty, heavy, deep fried, super oily foods.

Examples of seasonal fruits and vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, greens, butter lettuce, green bell peppers, watercress, strawberries, apricots, pomegranates, dandelions, garlic, celery, kale, parsley, etc.

Generally speaking, drinking hibiscus, dandelion, ginger or cinnamon tea support the cleansing and melting of the winter kapha coat. Ayurveda is big on digestion. During the winter the body tends to accumulate “ama,” or undigested food matter, causing an array of health problems.

The ayurvedic fix is simple: give your digestion a break and your body will heal itself. “A break” can mean eating less, eating well and perhaps even incorporating a simple nourishing detox to reset your system.

Mother Nature is always radiating with beauty and magic. We can learn so much from her. This season we are called to be productive and to plant good seeds for the rest of the year. By taking good care of our physical wellness, we create space for our mind and soul to awaken with new ideas and inspiration.

The ancient science of Ayurveda (which translates to, the science of life) has been around for over 5,000 years.  By following the sacred laws of nature, we can heal ourselves and return to living in harmony with the Earth.

Have a beautiful, joyful, productive and harmonious spring my friends.



**NOTE: These are general guidelines for most healthy people. If you have been feeling imbalanced in any way emotionally, mentally or physically, you may need specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations to open your channels and unblock the flow of energy. ***